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Best Interior Designer in Bhubaneswar

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Home interior designer in Bhubaneswar

Know the thought process of the best interior designer in Bhubaneswar.

Recognized as the best interior designer in Bhubaneswarand with expertise in interior designingand construction work, we have covered milestones with many big, medium, and small-scale projects in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and across Odisha. Our designs focus on the combined beauty of modern and contemporary vibes of the Indian Lifestyle. Our projects are not only limited to designing and constructing but rather bringing meaning, novelty, modernity, and freshness to life. Interohub is a one-stop solution to all house planning needs in fact one can say we are the house planners and home decorators for your dream home. We plan, design, construct, and also provide consultations. To know more about us or to take free consultation for your home designsor if looking for ideas from home designers in Bhubaneswar.

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What is the code, of conduct the best interior designer in Bhubaneswar follows?


Our Objective at INTEROHUB is to design structures that have a healing, uplifting effect on the people who occupy them as well as a regenerating effect on the environment. We think that the power of design can ignite good change and build a future that supports equity, resilience, and well-being for everyone. We are motivated by a resolute optimism.


We have you covered with the smallest details, whether you’re searching for a fresh perspective for a particular location or creating a complete home. The biggest effects can be achieved with little adjustments to wallpaper and lighting. To carry out your vision, we talk with you regarding your space design objectives. We create a sanctuary-like atmosphere in your place.


The capacity of INTEROHUB to attentively plan, design, and translate the needs of our clients into imaginative and useful buildings is something we take great pride in. Our team is constantly available on our mobile phones to support any questions, or customer concerns, or deal with the numerous issues that may emerge in the course of our projects. INTEROHUB is devoted to seeing all projects through from start to finish. One of the main architects will always look out for you and be in contact with you at all times.


Since the beginning, we have been committed to sustainability, and we think that increasing building performance requires an analytical approach. The design team at INTEROHUB has a variety of design and building experiences. Registered architects, interior designers, urban designers, landscape architects, material experts, land planners, cost estimators, and zoning experts are all part of our team.

Recognitions & features

Best Interior Designer in Bhubaneswar
Best Interior Designer in Bhubaneswar
Meet the award-winning interior designer of Bhubaneswar.

I'm Abhilash Pati, Interior Designer.

A clear indication that interior designer has dominated the field is when their work becomes easily recognizable at a look. Abhilash Pati , the best interior designer in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, accomplished that accomplishment years ago after founding his own studio, which has expanded from a local interior design business to a significant international architecture & construction organization.

Best interior designer in Bhubaneswar

Your Dream House

WHY CHOOSE US For interior designing in Bhubaneswar

In Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and across Odisha, if anyone is looking for home designers and decorators just follow up with Interohub. We bring expertise in services from planning to execution to finishing to post-services sales. We bring the best interior designer and architects who always follow the code of conduct of passion, creativity, trust, and professionalism. Mentioned below are a few reasons of many why to choose us for the best interior and home designing work.

Professional Service

‘Best in class service ensured with the best interior designers & in-house construction team. Complete Hassle-free Experience from beginning to end.

100% Transparency

No Hidden Charges, Every detail is as clear as a crystal. To bring in transparency is one of our core purposes of existence.

On-Time Delivery

Missing deadline? Not in our dictionary, we are ‘on time every time. We will ensure ‘on-time delivery’ thus ensuring no cost overruns.

No Cost Over-Runs

Once we finalize a Quote, there is no going back. We promise you a 100% No Cost Overrun Policy.

Quality Assurance

Be ensured with us that you have the ‘right quality for the right price. No more overcharging and no more substandard products.

Curbing Malpractices

We have put a check on Malpractices. With our new-age technology assistance, we have curbed all Fraudulent practices.

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